About - Friends for Finer Photography - my Internet photo critique group

There are many photography clubs or groups available on the internet, for anyone with an inclination to join. Many of them also have quite an extensive membership, but they carry a lot of inactivity as well. Our numbers are smaller in comparison, but only due to our membership participation requirements, in that, any member who shows no sign of involvement or participation in any way with the group over a 3 month period and provides no reason for their lack of involvement, will have their membership withdrawn. As it will be assumed, they are no longer interested.
By participation, you are asked to view and discuss other member's of the group's photos, by way of critique, via the Club's "Discussion" facility, just as they will be viewing and discussing yours. If you have difficulty with this, there is ample assistance available if and when needed.
Over time, your own photo and camera skills will definitely improve through this process. And of course, by way of our Monthly Theme, our in-house monthly photo competition, we can encourage all members to stay active and get out there, learn new camera skills and simply get involved with things that they probably wouldn't even normally dream of.
This is not a club that sits on its hands. If you want to improve your photography, then you need to get involved and participate.

Involvement incentive:

All members are encouraged to get involved in our monthly in-house competition, Monthly Theme (MT), where you can gain points each month from the photos you take of a chosen theme or topic. These topics are carefully considered, so that all members have the opportunity to get involved. Then, the points you earn from your winning photo will gain you a place on our MT Scoreboard Ladder.
You are also asked to help out with the judging of the MT. This is not a difficult task, but there is help if and when needed.
You don’t need to be an expert to do a photo critique or judge, simply give an opinion as to what you would do to improve it if it were your image. Unlike the kind of lack luster comments one tends to get from other club sites - "Awesome!", "Top shot!", "Cool photo!", etc., etc. We don't want those sorts of comments here. What we want, is not only to know that we have taken a good photo and why you think so, but also some good old constructive criticism that can only help us improve our photography and camera skills. Not forgetting of course, that the critiques are simply personal and collective opinions and should not be taken to heart or taken offence of.
Of course, if you have an image that you are particularly proud of, it is advisable not to put it up for public scrutiny, as the result could bring about so many conflicting ideas as to how you can improve it, you will probably have second thoughts as to how you really feel about it.
Wherever possible, the topics of our MT are thoughtfully chosen, so that all members have a chance and an ability to get involved.
The FLASH, as mentioned above, is our own club Blog, it offers many interesting tutorials along with our MT archives and their reports, links to member's web sites, etc. and as a member, it is definitely worth spending a bit of time browsing through the Index. You never know what you might find or where it might lead you.
No, this club does not sit on its hands, nor are you expected to be at the coalface 24/7.
But like anything else, the more you put in - the more you get back in return.
Therefore, if you are interested in improving your photo and camera skills, then why not “get down and dirty” with us? You will improve your camera skills and possibly make some lifelong friends in the process.
Please let me know via my contact facility if you are intetrested in joining this friendly but dynamic group. You'll not be disappointed!
Last amended: March 10th, 2011