Welcome fellow photography enthusiasts!!!

Welcome to my Photo Tips site. And no, there is nothing to join and no fees, but simply for the love, the joy and the unending pleasure that photography gives me, please allow me to share some of that pleasure and the knowledge I have gained with you. 
l do hope this site will help in some way. If so, first tell me, then tell your friends! 
If there is one major thing I have learned about photography, it is like most things, you have to be prepared to start at the beginning and most importantly of all, have a complete grasp of your camera's manual. It is no use trying to learn the finer points of photography, if you don't have a good knowledge of how your camera works and I don't intend to blind you with science either. However, there is a small degree of technical jargon involved, but nothing. I am sure, the average photography enthusiast will have any problems with. 
My tips/tutorials, are designed to assist those wanting to learn the finer points of how to create and compose a better image. 

They cover some of the manual workings of your camera as well as many different shooting situations, as you can no doubt see from the index listing. 
If you do not find something that you are looking for today, please look in again some other time, as I am continuously building the site and more tutorials will be added to it from time to time. You can also contact me for some free advice. 
I do not profess to make you a better photographer. It is only through your own commitment and the time you are willing to give that will determine how well you proceed. I have merely provided some of the tools here that I hope will help build your knowledge of the subject. Like most things - you can only expect to get back from that which you are will to put in.  
Again, I do hope these tutorials will help in some way, but if you have any problems or issues with any of the content, or would like to know more about a particular topic, I may be contacted HERE via my home web site. I will be pleased to assist where possible. In the meantime, be my guest, enjoy the read and "GOOD LUCK" with your future photography! 

Post script: You are more than welcome to download or print any of my tutorials, providing the material taken is not used for commercial or monetary gain.
Please observe copyright laws.

For me, all I ask is that you let me know if these tutorials have helped in some way. I understand how difficult and frustrating it can be, when you feel you have found your niche in life, but just can't seem to better yourself or find your way. I discovered that there were two ways I was going to learn how to produce reasonable images, spend a lot of money on lessons or start buying or borrowing some books in the hope that by studying this great pastime I might improve my camera skills. So I opted for the latter and I've studied and studied and still study to this day. I also joined a local camera club and would fully recommend that for beginners. You'll find it to be a great confidence and inspiration booster. GOOD LUCK!