For some years now, there has been much discussion and calls for ideas for the future advancement of our area. We have yet to see the proposed construction of a second mega-marina on the Yacht Club corner of Norman Point 9there is some rumour now that this will not go ahead) or the erection of a well needed public jetty, on the south end of Norman Point. And then, of course, there is the talk of a water park, which I personally feel, Tin Can Bay is not quite ready for, as yet. But that is just my own opinion.
In the midst of all that talk, there has been some quiet discussion regarding the possibility of having one or possibly two bird hides erected in specially selected areas along our Tin Can Bay foreshore. And of course, being an avid nature photographer, I can see the visitor potential that the bird hides would bring; not only to our town but the entire Cooloola Coast.
Now, for all those local members of the community who are not so photographically inclined and saying, ‘Oh, not another wild suggestion!’ All I ask is that I am permitted to have my say and I can assure you, I am certainly not the only advocate of this venture and through research and discussion over the past couple of years, with many naturalist groups, camera clubs and other interested parties, I know the bird hides would be put to good use.
Such groups are well aware of the many varieties of, not only the plethora of migratory birds that flock to the area annually, to roost and nest along our shores but also the great numbers that stay all year round and once the hides are established, it will not be long before the word is passed on to other groups further afield.
Obviously, end-user payment could not be expected for the use of such facilities; however, the town (and the Region collectively) would surely benefit financially in other ways from a second, very unique and natural asset. Tin Can Bay will then not only be famous for its dolphin feeding but also its shorebird watching. Taking the town to another tourism level.
Yes, Tin Can Bay is very lucky to have the dolphins as a major tourism drawcard, but why not extend that by allowing visitors and locals alike the opportunity of having the ability to get closer to, what already exists as a major resource for the town and the Cooloola Coast generally. Please CONTACT me for your thoughts. Thank you.